Alta moda

Alta Moda offers you an experience worthy of the great fashion houses. Red and White Oak are treated to a light wire-brushing to reveal the full depth of their character and to create a deeper texture on the surface. Unique and complex stains are then applied to make every single product in this collection stand out like a runway model.

  • We use texture, pattern and color to create floors that are a testimony to your personal style.

  • Alta Moda products are available in both Solid and Engineered profiles in a variety of widths and grades.

  • Since wood is a natural material, the hardness of the grain will affect the depth of the wire-brushing.


Embrace true style

fini bois haute couture

Alta Moda Wire Brush Finish

Steel brushes are used to lightly texture the surface of the flooring. An ultra-matte finish is then applied. This makes for flooring that is kid and pet friendly as its texture helps hide marks and scratches.

appalachian hardwood flooring

We take pride in being environmentally conscious. Therefore our manufacturing process is designed to minimize production waste and to conserve valuable hardwood species for future generations.

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