Special FX

We have pushed beyond the limits of traditional creativity to give birth to visionary styles that have to be seen to be believed. From metallic coatings to ultra matte finishes, our Special FX collection contains revolutionary products that will change the face of floor covering.

  • Special FX products are available in both Solid and Engineered profiles in a select assortment of widths and grades.

  • State of the art technology is used to create out of this world finishes.


Special FX

Imagination brought to life

Whether it is about exploring the far corners of the galaxy, travelling back in time to see lost civilizations, or marvel at what magic can do, the technology of special effects lets us believe in the unbelievable and brings our imagination to life.

The Special FX Collection from Appalachian Flooring aims to capture that wonder, by using advanced technology to combine opposing natural materials and create finishes that defy reality.

Imagine a floor with the warmth and natural grain of wood, but with the radiance of polished metal. Our Metal FX products uses metallic pigments in our finishing process to create wood floors with the look and shine of stainless steel. It’s almost magic.

Dreaming of a modern colour that is out of this world? Our Special FX products use a special double-layered staining process which results in a beautiful depth of coloration with a finish so matte that it has the lowest gloss levels currently available. It’s futuristic, with a touch of enigma.

Special FX products are available in both Solid and Engineered profiles in a select assortment of widths and grades. Due to our unique production process, variations in appearance between production lots may occur.

Our unique manufacturing process

We only work with reputable forestry operators and sawmills that follow established environmental guidelines and follow responsible forestry management regulations. We purchase the best planks and logs from these forestry operations to make top quality hardwood flooring. These planks are then transformed in our state of the art manufacturing facility which follows the most restrictive quality control standards in the industry. Once milled, these planks are then finished in our prefinishing factory to give each and every one the unforgettable appearance people expect of an Appalachian Flooring product.

Our EvershineTM finish revolutionized the hardwood flooring industry by finally providing homeowners and commercial users with a beautiful and tough finish that performs beyond their expectations. A high concentration of aluminum oxide nanoparticles are suspended in a UV-cured polyurethane finish to deliver exceptional performance. This finish is also UV stabilized to reduce color change over time.

Our Era Design finish delivers a unique natural appearance and allows the texture of the wood to be revealed. A soya based oil finish is applied which bonds to the top layer of the wood to produce a highly transparent finish that can be touched up and resists cooking oil, coffee and wine stains among others.

appalachian hardwood flooring

We take pride in being environmentally conscious. Therefore our manufacturing process is designed to minimize production waste and to conserve valuable hardwood species for future generations.

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