Lacey Act

Where does Appalachian Flooring stand in relation to the Lacey Act?

Appalachian Flooring is and has always been in full compliance with the new laws regarding sourcing of the products/raw material. We feel that it is our responsibility to ensure that products are procured from environmentally responsible suppliers.

What is The Lacey Act ?

On May 22, 2008 Congress passed the Lacey Act which prohibits the importing of illegally harvested wood and wood products. This legislation sets a ground breaking precedent for the global trade in wood flooring and other wood related products and was widely supported by environmental, industry and trade organizations.

This new law leads the way in supporting other countries’ efforts to govern their own natural resources to ensure that only legally logged timber for flooring and furniture is sold into the United States. The Act goes a long way to putting in place powerful incentives for timber producing countries such as China, Russia and Honduras to trade in wood products that come from legally logged sources or risk paying huge penalties.

The Lacey Act provisions have been in effect since May 22, 2008 however the full impact will be after December 15th, 2008 when all importers are required to provide a basic declaration. This declaration will accompany every shipment of wood or wood products. The purpose of these declarations is to increase transparency about the wood and wood products trade and enable the U.S. government to better enforce the law. The declaration must contain: 1. The scientific name of any species used 2. The country of harvest, 3. The quantity and measure, and 4.The value.

The new legislation will be enforced by a combination of Federal agencies including the Department of Agriculture (APIS) and US department of the Interior supported by the Department of Homeland Security, which controls U.S. customs and monitors the borders through Customs and Border Protection The Act allows for penalties up to $500,000 for corporation, $250,000 for individual, or twice maximum gain/loss from transaction and possible prison for up to five years.

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We take pride in being environmentally conscious. Therefore our manufacturing process is designed to minimize production waste and to conserve valuable hardwood species for future generations.

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