EvershineTM is Appalachian Flooring’s revolutionary finish available on all products in the following collections: Signature, Alta Moda, Villa Europa and Special FX. It allows our floors to be both beautiful and resistant. It has a phenomenal capacity to retain its gloss and resist wear-through, thereby preserving the original beauty of the floor. EvershineTM will keep your floor better looking, longer.


EvershineTM offers enhanced protection for your floor. There are other finishes that exist which also promise resistance to wear, however their abrasion-resistant layer is usually applied beneath the topcoat. This means that the top layer of the finish remains susceptible to wear. This can result in your floor becoming noticeably dull in high traffic areas.

The EvershineTM advantage is that the abrasion-resistant aluminum oxide particles are in the very top layer of the finish, thereby protecting the original appearance of your floor.


What Makes a Great Floor

  • Using the best lumber
  • Canadian Craftmanship
  • Strict Quality Control
  • Using the finest finish on the market


appalachian hardwood flooring

We take pride in being environmentally conscious. Therefore our manufacturing process is designed to minimize production waste and to conserve valuable hardwood species for future generations.

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