Claim procedures

  1. At time of purchase keep original invoice, contractor information, Appalachian Installation Guide and the Appalachian Care and Maintenance / Warranty Guide and when possible record pallet information.
  2. You must first contact your Appalachian Authorized Dealer where the original purchase was made.
  3. A written notice of claim must be filed within the warranty coverage period, and no later than six (6) months after the first occurrence of the problem giving rise to your claim.
  4. Information verifying date of purchase and identity of the original purchaser as well as the original invoice, as proof of purchase, must be supplied to Appalachian Flooring or its representatives on request.
  5. The floor in question must have been purchased directly from an Appalachian Flooring Authorized Dealer and paid for in its entirety before a claim may be submitted. The purchase of Appalachian hardwood flooring from an unauthorized Appalachian dealer and/or via the Internet will automatically void this and any other manufacturer's warranties implicit or implied.
  6. If your local Authorized Appalachian Dealer is unable to answer your claim, please contact us by registered mail at the following address:
    Appalachian Flooring Ltd., Technical Service Department 
    450 rue de Rochefort, Cowansville, Québec, Canada J2K 3S7 
    Tel.: 450-266-3999 – Toll free: 1-866-213-1110 – Fax: 450-266-5343 
    Or by e-mail:

    In this case Appalachian Flooring Ltd. will be happy to send you a form to be completed and returned for further processing.

If the floors is removed prior to manufacture inspection you are at risk for the cost not to be covered by the Appalachian Flooring. In any eventuality, Appalachian Flooring Ltd. reserves the right to have a designated Appalachian Flooring representative inspect the floor and remove samples for technical analysis. Should Appalachian Flooring's analysis prove that a portion of the floor is indeed defective, Appalachian will, at its sole discretion, repair the affected area or supply replacement material in the form of an identical or equivalent product.

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