Internet sales policy


Appalachian flooring ltd. is committed to providing consumers with the finest hardwood flooring products and the best customer service in the industry. An integral part of this commitment is the involvement of our distributors and retailers in the sales process working towards the satisfaction of the end user.

This can best be accomplished in retail-type operations where consumers can interact directly with knowledgeable sales staff and physically see samples of the products that they wish to purchase. In no case is the customer’s best interest served by transactions conducted over the internet whether by a direct sale e-commerce transaction or by auction type sales on private or public websites.

Appalachian Flooring does not endorse the sale or promotion of its flooring  via the internet nor does it tolerate these actions from third parties. Any Appalachian Flooring ltd. product that is sold via any type of e-commerce transaction automatically voids the manufacturer’s warranty. Furthermore  any distributor or retailer that is found to be selling Appalachian Flooring products via the internet or engaging in an unauthorized use of the name, logos or any other trademarked item belonging to Appalachian flooring in advertising or in any other form will be requested to desist in compliance with the above mentioned policy. If the party does not cooperate, Appalachian Flooring ltd. will suspend all future sales to the party as well as take all appropriate legal measures.

Promoting Appalachian Flooring products in a responsible way is in all of our best interests. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


Yours truly,

Joseph Tošaj
Products manager
Appalachian Flooring

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